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Idaho was the fastest growing state in the country in 2021.

Land that started as farmland, open space and wooded areas that our family enjoyed is now being paved for development and housing for incoming residents. If we don't work with our community and law makers on smart growth of our county, our beloved Panhandle will be nothing more than apartment complexes and strip malls. I will do everything I can to help our county maintain it's small community charm and values.

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My husband, my son & I moved to Idaho in 1992 to enjoy small town living and go back to the basics of life. I enjoy the things that all of our Bonner County residents enjoy: nature, fishing, snowmobiling, contributing to my community and the clean mountain air. 

I am self-motivated and have always been known as a hard worker. I am looking forward to seeing where and how to help Bonner County in the next 4 years.



It has been my pleasure to serve the last 18 years in county government for the recorder's office in Sandpoint.

My skillset has been built by working one-on-one with Bonner County property owners in my position and I'm confident I can better serve them as commissioner.


My service to the community extended beyond my role at the county when I volunteered as a NREMT for the Priest River Volunteer Ambulance Service from 2004-2010.

I also had the privilege of working as an RN-A at the Newport Hospital ER Department from 2006-2016.

I can assure the voters that I have the energy and grit to work hard for the people of Bonner County.


The population boom and spike in the housing market is pricing out our locals and causing tremendous increases in property taxes. It isn't fair to the folks that have lived here for decades to see such dramatic increases in taxes due to a new large development in their neighborhood.

I believe we should have term limits in effort to get away from the “good ol’ boys club” that the county has a habit of joining. After my 4-year term I plan to retire from my position and pass the baton to the next commissioner running. I plan to take the bull by the horns and make positive changes for Bonner County.

I would love your vote and will always listen to your needs.


If you would like to volunteer to help with my campaign please let me know. I would be honored to have your support.

If you are interested in contributing to the campaign to elect Randi Flaherty District 2 Commissioner please click below or mail check to: Randi Flaherty- District 2 Commissioner 

Po Box 1505 Priest River idaho 83856

I am pleased to announce my treasurer will be Judy kokanos.



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